Dr. Michael Tillmann

Welcome to Cologne

Welcome to Germany – and to Italy

Welcome to Europe without frontiers. With its companies, its facilities and its people.

Welcome to our Legal Office.

We are your legal office for labor law, international labor law, and German-Italian legal affairs. We will counsel you in labor issues and, if necessary, we will fight for you. Regardless of whether you are a mid-sized company, an executive, or an employee. We look beyond borders, especially to Italy, but also to other countries. Enabling companies and citizens to move efficiently throughout Europe.

These are the goals we are committed to – and passionate about.

“Labor law has been my passion since I went to university. Why? Because labor law revolves around two exciting topics – people and economics. Each is significant in its own right but together you have life at its purest.”

Dr. Michael Tillmann was born in 1969. He studied law in Cologne, Heidelberg and Ferrara, Italy.  His doctorate work, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Herbert Kronke (Heidelberg/ Rome), dealt with German, Italian, and international labor law. Among others, Michael gained experience in the legal office of Professor Bettoni in Rome, Italy as well as in the Institute for International and Foreign Civil Law at the University of Cologne.

In 1998, he was admitted to the bar in Cologne. Following his initial professional experience in a renowned legal office in Cologne, Michael spent two years in the labor law department of the Cologne branch of an international law firm before he established his own legal office in January 2004.

Michael regularly publishes articles and lectures on labor law topics. He is a member of the German-Italian Lawyer’s Union.  Michael is also active in the labor law and international law special interest groups in the German Bar Association.

No one knows everything.

We don’t either. But we know who has expertise in various areas. Affiliations help us and have been developed and maintained for years. In Germany, in Italy, and throughout Europe – without expensive institutions.

They are there for you and they are effective  – for your advantage.

Anwalt Arbeitsrecht dr. Michael Tillmann

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